Japanese Government Scholarship (Y2024)

The Japanese Government Scholarship program was established to promote an acceptance of international students from all over the world. you can find the Professor First and send him your Cv and Research work or any Project you have done in your Master level program . Here is the Link of the Professors Email where you send your Documents and Got your Acceptance Letter .

Professors Emails

keep in mind there are number of Programs in this GIFU UNIVERSITY . Search the Professors according to you program Applied .


For students who study/research in a designated region will be provided an additional stipend monthly of 2,000 yen or 3,000 yen.

Travel allowance

Roundtrip fare (air ticket) is provided.

After got your Acceptance letter the further Process is blow . Gifu University recommends privately financed international students possessing excellent academic and personal records. The students are nominated by the University selection committee. The MEXT makes the final selection.
You must be a current graduate student, a prospective graduate student, or a prospective fourth graduate undergraduate student (a prospective six grade undergraduate student in the Medicine Program or Veterinary Medicine Program).

If You Need Further Information about how to Apply for Scholarship  Kindly Fill this Form .



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