Six things that win the heart of parents.Are you want to conformed your seat in Havean ?

Those whose parents are alive are the luckiest people in the world. Mother and father relations are such that there is no change in the world. These relationships meet only once and then fade away like lines drawn in the sand. Time is passing very fast. It was only yesterday that we were little children, our parents were our total universe. We used to chat with them, go for a walk and ask them our small wishes and demands. Ahh! They are no longer among us. The father, who used to get anxious at my slightest pain and rush to the doctor, has now moved away. The mother who forbade me to play in the mud, today sleeps herself weaving a sheet of mud. Now they are just memories, a blurry image.
Those whose parents are alive should serve their parents well, try to win their hearts. Because one prayer of parents is enough to decorate the world and the hereafter. Now below are the ten things that a person can do to win the heart of his parents.

1.Give time to parents.

In today’s era, many things have been invented to interest young boys and girls. Video games, computers, TV, social media and a wide circle of friends leave them unable to spend a few hours with their parents. But remember that no matter how big you become, in the eyes of your parents you are like a two or three year old child. Those who want to see their liver close to them all the time. Above all your other services, what is most valuable to your parents is your sitting next to them. Try not to sit tight and tight, but sit like two very loving friends sitting and chatting, listening to each other’s heart, enjoying each other’s conversation. are Then you must have heard the good news that your loving gaze falling on the faces of parents is equal to the reward of a popular Hajj and Umrah. Is this deal bad?

2.Make them central.

When the parents become old, do not put them on a bed in a corner and keep them as suspended limbs, but give them a central position in all matters. Well you have become young, have taken on all the responsibilities. You are also married. But nevertheless, in every case, make the parents feel that you do not do anything without their advice. You have to do the work and do it the way you want, but when you consult the parents first, they will feel very happy and realize that they are not retired yet but with their advice and support. Home business is running. Remember when you were small, so small that you couldn’t even lift two kilos and you used to help your parents to lift something heavy, they used to make you feel that the real work was done by you in order to keep your heart. What is it. Now is the time to repay this loan.

3.Refraining from expressions of disgust and disgust.

A person’s memory also weakens with age, so when your father or mother tells you something that you have heard from them many times, instead of showing disgust, listen with interest and attention. You are hearing the incident for the first time. Never say why you tell the same story over and over again. Doing so will break their heart and they will be ashamed in heart. Don’t interrupt them when they are talking, it is also against politeness and it will make them feel inferior.

4. Don’t eat things in front of them that the doctor has told them to avoid.

Many people get diabetes in old age. If unfortunately one of your parents has this problem, try not to eat sweets in front of them. On mango days, their heart is as fond of eating mangoes as yours, so try to eat things like this separately from them. Same is the case with sweets.

5. When you bring something in the house

When you bring something in the house, like fruit, give it to your mother and tell her to take it, mother, and distribute it yourself, it will make her very happy. Explain how to extract portions and to whom. The goal is to give importance to them. While bringing the daily vegetable or curry from home, ask the parents “what should be cooked today”. This thing will make them very happy. While going to the market, find out from them whether they need anything or not. If not, at least they will pray for you when you leave home.

6. If you live abroad or in another city,

If you live abroad or in another city, when you call home, talk to your parents first, then your wife and children. In the same way, when you bring a bag of goods from abroad, open it in front of the parents, that curiosity is the same as that of children, but the poor do not express it. If the parents have no source of income, set their pocket money as easily as possible according to their capacity. Just like they used to give you pocket money as a child. It is not enough to take responsibility for their food and drink, but sometimes their heart wants to buy something, but they don’t even have a hundred rupees in their pocket and they don’t even dare to ask you. In this way, their innocent desires die in their hearts. Therefore, it is necessary that Allah

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